Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mersey Soul

Utterly underrated The wonderful La's carved some beautiful timeless melodies....

The story goes that the unusual tomb, mentioned in this song, in the shape of a black pyramid in the church of St. Andrew on Rodney Street belongs to a William McKenzie who lost his soul in a game of poker with the devil.

As the devil told him that he would come to collect it when his ‘bones were in the ground’ a terrified McKenzie thought to out wit the devil by being laid to rest above ground in the tomb. Folklore has it that he specifically asked to be seated at a poker table with a winning flush in his hand.....

Apparently this song was also a favourite of John Peel and always made him shed a tear for his beloved hometown. So much so that he always had to have a record lined up to play straight after to give him a moment to compose himself once more.

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