Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mersey Soul

Utterly underrated The wonderful La's carved some beautiful timeless melodies....

The story goes that the unusual tomb, mentioned in this song, in the shape of a black pyramid in the church of St. Andrew on Rodney Street belongs to a William McKenzie who lost his soul in a game of poker with the devil.

As the devil told him that he would come to collect it when his ‘bones were in the ground’ a terrified McKenzie thought to out wit the devil by being laid to rest above ground in the tomb. Folklore has it that he specifically asked to be seated at a poker table with a winning flush in his hand.....

Apparently this song was also a favourite of John Peel and always made him shed a tear for his beloved hometown. So much so that he always had to have a record lined up to play straight after to give him a moment to compose himself once more.

You really should've seen the other guy!

Nathanial Rateliff is a modern day Johnny Cash with a voice like the wide open country plains of North America that he calls home.

Full of lonesome cowboys and technicolor sunsets – he sure knows how to weave a tale…

Roaming around....

A haunting cover of the Kings of Leon classic - Scala & Kolacny Brothers strip down all the rock and roll to its bare bones.

Tragedy and love seem to go hand in hand walking the same path for some.

Light My Fire

Bedroom recluse musician Thomas Timothy Vernon-Kel better known as Tom Vek has finally, after six years, released his long awaited new album Leisure Seizure.

But this tune, which came from his previous release in 2005, complete with the most amazing video containing musician muppet creatures and an addictive hook was enough to keep me hanging on all these years...

Two minute perfection!

Mazes Summer Hits and The Buzzcocks Love you More are both examples of the perfect two minute tune.

Ambushing the room in a tight racket of guitars and drums wrapped up in a leather jacket with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth. Before you know it they have pinched the bottle of vodka from the kitchen table and left for a cooler house party on the other side of town...

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Jump start my serotonin

Arab Strap never cease to amaze me with their intimate and descriptive story telling of drink, drugs, lost chances of romance and unrequited love...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fallin Like Dominos...

I know its been a while but Beat of The Week is back and I’m starting you of in super hot style….

Metronomy pull you into their party with all the sexiness of Roxy Music and coolness of The Cure.

‘I call the shots,
till you wake up.

Count every second,
on every clock….

The hours come,
the hours go….’

I'd like to know if you got the notion.....

J U R A S S I C 5 ! ! ! !

Punk Boi

Big Boi takes a leaf out of Daft Punks book in this Cadillac, melodian, technicolor video.

Psycho Boys and Girls

Recommended by a friend today - can't stop listening to this brilliantly dark tune…

Monday, 11 April 2011

Beau and His Arrows!

Beau and The Arrows, Beau and Jasmin met when they signed up to a local college photography course where art was soon replaced by music. Their recent song Fix is a testament to the eternal incessant teenage powerful desire of lust and love that you think will never go away.....

So Wrong it's Right....

‘hate has brought me up
the stairs into your house
i'll not let hate be the one
to make me naked for you

my self-esteem
is heating up the room
you're intimidating as all hell
but i ain't scared of you

I know how you work
I am just like you
no matter what you say
our hearts are wrong
our hearts are wrong'

Old Friends and Fine Times

There are two old friends I always have in mind when I hear this song...

The first a teenage friend of mine. We used to listen to this in her room burning incense, piercing our noses and smoking roll ups before we would cycle up to traveller site in the deepest darkest countryside where we lived.

The second a good friend from a move to the city, he had long rocker hair and still lived at home, and he introduced us to some of the most wonderful people.

Both are still friends, I am lucky to say….. So this is for you, you know who you are x

Supreme Heart break

The Supremes 1966 number one hit full of the girls classic Motown heart break.