Monday, 6 September 2010

Bass Head!

To start you off, I’m gonna take you back, back into time… On first hearing this song in 1991, like most people, I knew there was an amazing party out there along the side of some motor way or in a warehouse that I just had to find my way too..

With samples lifted from Pink Floyd, The Osmans and Talking Heads, The Bassheads - all cat suits and keyboard solos - created one of the ultimate early 90s warehouse dance floor classics in ‘Is there anybody out there?’

So where ever you are listening to this, turn up your head phones, think back, and try and sit still if you can!


'Whisper my name,
and I yearn.
Take me in your arms,
start to burn.'

Sometimes a singer can utter a single word in a way that bowls you over every time, whether it’s Ian Brown screaming 'Adored' or Robert bleeding out the word 'Yearn'. Each time you know he means it with every shred of his soul.

L.A. Kisses

There is not much information out there about this L.A. duo at the moment. But I know one thing for sure, if they didn’t spend their teenage years sat in their individual bedrooms listening to The Cure over and over, and wondering if there was any one else who felt like them out there in the world, I would be very surprised indeed.

An incredibly solid and delicately hard song.

Have you got the moves?

Oh step up and give it your best Disco, ParaPara, Street Ballet, Wu-Tang, Crabcore and Waaking!

X-Factor, eat your heart out!

Anyone for a game...?

The husband and wife duo that make up Tennis can't have realised the voyage they were embarking on when they bought a sail boat and set sail for 8 months of the East Coast. With cooing mermaid girl group vocals about even keels and Coconut Groves 'Marathon' leaves you hanging for more.

But as they say in Tennis, love means nothing....

Betty Ford

Peter Fowler of Super Furry Animals artwork fame creates a breezy, psychedelic, swaying dreamscape of puppetry in this thoughtful reminiscent video of 1970s Kids T.V animation. Where, in front of your eyes, you can actually see the puppet protagonists becoming (self) aware..

Ohh, take me to The Starlake Cosmic Sun Owl Commune!