Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pump Up Your KICKS!

Ahhh....Thanks to a nod from a good friend of mine I have been playing this tune non-stop for the last few weeks and am totally in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Foster the Peoples Pumped Up Kicks!

'Kicks is a paradise island cocktail of Beck, mixed with The Beach Boys with a slice of MGMT on ice in a retro martini glass with one of those brightly coloured paper parasols in it.

You can make mine a double.

Where Not To Wear White Denim!

These three boy rockers from Texas Shake Shake Shake it up down the junk yard.

Filthy and on Fire!

Breakbot Heartbreak

Thibaut Berland the young French producer and DJ is Breakbot and in Baby I'm Yours featuring the vocals of Irfane has created a real song for the summer, just leave on repeat...

How does that boy make heartbreak sound so good?

Once in A Sugar Bear Lifetime

Sugar Bear rip the iconic riff from Talking Heads 'Once in A Life Time' add some screeching sirens and scratches and totally scandalise it!

Gracing The Bumper

The Grace Jones controversial classic Pull Up To The Bumper almost 30 years old and still sounding as lithe, provocative and sexy as ever.

Oh! Miss Jones!