Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Tha Shangri-Las are so in love with the local Danny Zucco, if only they knew that trying to tame that wild boy would only ever end in tears....

Meet Me Half Way...........

It is always good to be surprised and The Black Eyed Peas did just that with this amazing pop song about love and longing.

And the video isn't bad either...

Three Weeks and 40 Thieves

I know I have kept you waiting, but 40 Thieves make it all worthwhile...

So Don't Turn it off, Cos I kind of like it.....

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Paper Peckham Romance

Groove Armada nail this take on the dance video. All the usual suspects are there, the grotty flat, the urban part of the city, the running mascara, but they get the switch perfect.

When you have had the most rubbish time and yet you can walk in a room and all of a sudden let it all go and feel free again, that is juxtaposition.

Broken Bells and High Roads

Compact with super mario sounds Broken Bells take you on an echo Neil Young high road adventure.

So what you gonna do at the cross roads...?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Did you keep you're receipt...?

Gang of Four struts up next to you like the hot boy or girl at a gig, dancing in the heat and sweat and then disappearing with a sly smile by the end of the song.