Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Join Our Club!

I must say that I was lucky enough to meet the Chapel Club boys to interview them for DUMMY Mag and Field Day Festival before their recent big London show (link to follow shortly) and that O Maybe I has been my Beat of the Week for some time now.

A perfect piece of pop noir all beautiful soundscape of soaring guitars that wash over you and are punctuated by Bowman’s impassioned vocal with perfect diction on the options that love and life present us all.

Keeping Your Cards Close to Your Chest

I've been waiting for this to turn up on you tube since I first fell in love with it two weeks ago. It’s just how Shelley once said:

‘We look before and after,
and pine for what is not.

In our sincerest laughter,
Some pain is fraught.

Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought’

Where's Your Puffa Jacket?

I remember asking to get Raw Like Sushi on cassette tape for my birthday, my older sister hated rap music and seeing as she lived in the room next door to mine refused to buy it. Instead she decided to get Kylies’ first album this being because she liked it and knew I would just hand it straight back to her not wanting it myself. Needless to say I still went out and bought the female vocalists debut album of my choice and annoyed her by playing it to death anyway…

So here is Cherry, still sounding as fresh as ever with her 1988 smash hit Buffalo Stance.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Love You Lilongwi!

The Very Best, a collaboration between Esau Mwamwaya and the DJ/Production duo Radioclit created this brilliant fusion of dance hall, hip hop and traditional music of Malawi from where Mwamwaya origionally hails.

No wonder he has now worked with the likes of M.I.A, Vampire Weekend and Santigold to spread some more of that African musical magic.

Adoring the Rebellion!

Brooklyn based duo Savoir Adore get the remix treatment from the wonderful French Horn Rebellion on their recent UK release Bodies.

With a thumping base line, an old skool set of strings and dreamy uh-ha backing harmonies they lure you to get lost in the forest with them to dance under the full moon….Totally Disco Mystic!

Lady Electronix!

Taking their name from a song by Roxy Music, Ladytron tells Hollywood and fame like it is.

Often fleeting, sexy but always in the hands of others…

The Best Kind of Time Wasting

Ever since I woke up on my friends’ sofa to him blasting this out after we had been up all night, party time wasting, I have been meaning to post it up here. Roxy Music in all their 1973 glory.

Oh Mother Of Pearl, I wouldn’t change you for another girl….