Friday, 21 May 2010

Wax Your Soul!

It’s Friday, so here is a Friday night tune.

Apparently when recording their album in New York one of the boys from Soulwax wanted their girlfriend (Nancy Whang from LCD Soundsystem) to come visit so under the presumption that she would do the vocal on this tune (which she does, very well). So they got the record company to pay for her to fly over to NYC.

When she got there they realised they didn’t have any lyrics so decided to call it NY Excuse seeing as it really had been any excuse to get her there!

Taking a Deetour...

Bare with the long intro and entre Karen Young’s kaleidoscopic disco world full of flutes, keyboards and funk where it is impossible to not shimmy your shoulders and take your own Deetour!

Pittsburgh Boys

Hailing from Pittsburgh Nic and Josh, also known as 1,2,3 bring their sleezy sexy rock to London playing Koko tonight and releasing this, their debut UK single next month.

With an introductory guitar twang that Mr. G. Harrison wouldn’t have been ashamed off

they slink in,

before you know it,

and leave,

without even,

a kiss.

Let's go to the Psychic City!

YACHT remixed by Classixx’s have created the most amazing electro dreamy Psychic City full of the most wonderful friends ever.

Picture walking home with your shades on, it’s a sunny morning, and you’re a bit jaded from the night before when you get a call welcoming you back like you are the most important and beautiful thing in the world, singing:

‘Where you been darlin,
Where you been darlin,

We’ve be holding this moment for you.

I told you your dreams would come true…’

Any one got directions...?