Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Arab Strap Summer

Arab Strap with beautiful, deadpan story telling, haven’t we all known a weekend or at least a night full of the universal stories he recounts of weekends wasted?

Day after days rolling out where you never went to sleep,
Cos either you couldn't,
or you didn’t want to.

Went for the weekend,
lasted for ever,
high with my friends,
its officially summer.

Fools Gold or Fools Day.....?

My so favourite song of the moment, Albarn chats about his day over Coxons relaxed and beautiful guitar in this their first release for seven, yes, I said SEVEN years....

Fools Day is the first day in all our spring times...

So High Together!

Siriusmo are just like an old skool getto blaster, evocative, cool, reminiscent, and so of another time.

I love it.


Caribou make sexy world music sounds that you are sure are already being emitted by the Sirens from Ibiza... Summer starts here.

To All The DJs!

The World's Famous Supreme Team got all the plimsolls dancing out of their God Damn Shoes!

You've got to love it, especially when they give a big shout out to ALL the DJs in the entire WORLD!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fix it Up!

'There not a problem that I can't fix,
Cos I can do it in the mix.

And if your man gives you trouble,
just you move out on the double,
and you don't let it trouble your brain.

Cos away goes trouble down the drain
Said away goes trouble down the drain'

Great lines and cool girls, but when I heard this tune growing up, I must say he was never the DJ I had pictured in my minds eye...!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Gamma Ray Guns

Beck sounding something like The Cure crossed wih The Adams Family does base line heavy black and white with effortless surealist style.

Shooting All Your Lazers!

Getting down with the Dance Hall, Major Lazer fill this classic with samples of kisses, ringtones, horses and call centre workers.

Believe me, they will make your jeans vibrate like a Nokia!