Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What's You're Tonic?

As we were packing up camp at the end of Secret Garden Party this year I could hear this blasting out of someone’s car nearby and making a mental note of the lyrics went on a song hunt upon my return.

Sounding reminiscent of a Stevie Wonder who’s just come out of AA Cold War Kids sing about the drinking trap right from the soul.

‘I promised to my wife and children
I'd never touch another drink
As long as I live

But even then
It sounds so soothing
To mix a Gin
and sink into oblivion’

Live Wires!

Unfortunately I could only find two live versions of this song on youtube currently, but it still gives a good idea of what to watch for from these three talented Swedish boys.

It might have taken them 10 years to complete this, their first album 'Fields' (released on 14/09/2010) but all the experiences they have gained in that time, I'm sure you will agree, have made the wait well worth while.

Holiday Warpaint

The wonderful, wonderful Warpaint whose album 'Exquisite Corpse' I reviewed for DUMMYmag last year still never fail to stop me in my tracks with this haunting and hazy tribute that carves chunks out of the Motown classic by Mary Wells 'My Guy'.

Strung together with beautiful harmonies and the ethereal simplicity of an acoustic guitar, it is effortless. Warpaint turn this sunny pop song into a darker, more haunting story that sounds more about a beautiful yet deluded stalker who has kidnapped the object of her desire in a bid to win his love, what ever it takes.

Smog Rising

Bill Callahan speaking to anyone who has ever found their way back up to surface from what feels like the bottom of a lake...

Out By The Ocean

'Now our hearts were on fire only two weeks ago
And our bodies were like live wires down on the beach in Mexico
But I came back to this city and you stayed home in LA
And then our two years of marriage
In two short weeks somehow just slipped away'

Weed and Trucks and Youth and Loss

Seattle based Mike Hadreas is Perfume Genius and in 2 minutes 50 seconds he manages to sweep you up into his heart with this intimate tale of youth and loss.

Teenage Dreams

Hailing from Australia Allo Darlin’ have called London their home since 2005, and you can tell that lead singer Elizabeth Morris has a fondness for the place...

'If Loneliness Was Art' is another '50s inspired love song from the other side of the world to Best Coast (featured next) but both girls are singing about the same kind of heartbreak boys that we have all dreamed about at some teenage time in life..

Best Coast West Coast

From the moment I heard this Surf Pop sounding song it transported me to a California Beach Boys time..

Bethany Cosentio's husky affirmations don't convince anyone, especially the object of her desires.

However much she tries.

Give it Some Brass!

How could Steely Dan have ever imagined that one day the De La Soul Boys would be sat in some NYC apartment listening to this and dreaming up some Hip-Hop and penning Eye Know?

Two classic from one song? Now thats good!


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Planets of Disco!

Venus Gang sure know how to make a smooth late night disco ball sound with this helping from 1978.

And how ever slinky it sounds, you so know it's not going to be the last tune of the night...

Je t'iame............

Isobel Campbell of Glasgow favourites Belle & Sebastian and Mark Lanegan of Seattle Grunge staple Screaming Trees and latterly Queens of The Stone Age collaborate once more and produce probably one of the most seductive songs ever made....

Just like a 2010 Serge and Jane.

My First Convention

The first festival I ever attended was Fairport Convention; I was 14 years old and with my first love. Having been introduced to the band by his Mum we travelled to Cropredy Oxfordshire and sang along with 'Meet on the Ledge', 'Who knows Where The Time Goes' and 'Farewell Farewell'.

I still have the original vinyl in my collection and Matty Groves was always my favourite, beautiful story telling and the biggest and maddest jam completes the whole second half of the song.

I was sorry to never have the opportunity to see Sandy Denny singing, but I did bump into Robert Plant there a couple of years later and got to see him sing Led Zep... So I guess I didn't do too bad really.