Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fallin Like Dominos...

I know its been a while but Beat of The Week is back and I’m starting you of in super hot style….

Metronomy pull you into their party with all the sexiness of Roxy Music and coolness of The Cure.

‘I call the shots,
till you wake up.

Count every second,
on every clock….

The hours come,
the hours go….’

I'd like to know if you got the notion.....

J U R A S S I C 5 ! ! ! !

Punk Boi

Big Boi takes a leaf out of Daft Punks book in this Cadillac, melodian, technicolor video.

Psycho Boys and Girls

Recommended by a friend today - can't stop listening to this brilliantly dark tune…

Monday, 11 April 2011

Beau and His Arrows!

Beau and The Arrows, Beau and Jasmin met when they signed up to a local college photography course where art was soon replaced by music. Their recent song Fix is a testament to the eternal incessant teenage powerful desire of lust and love that you think will never go away.....

So Wrong it's Right....

‘hate has brought me up
the stairs into your house
i'll not let hate be the one
to make me naked for you

my self-esteem
is heating up the room
you're intimidating as all hell
but i ain't scared of you

I know how you work
I am just like you
no matter what you say
our hearts are wrong
our hearts are wrong'

Old Friends and Fine Times

There are two old friends I always have in mind when I hear this song...

The first a teenage friend of mine. We used to listen to this in her room burning incense, piercing our noses and smoking roll ups before we would cycle up to traveller site in the deepest darkest countryside where we lived.

The second a good friend from a move to the city, he had long rocker hair and still lived at home, and he introduced us to some of the most wonderful people.

Both are still friends, I am lucky to say….. So this is for you, you know who you are x

Supreme Heart break

The Supremes 1966 number one hit full of the girls classic Motown heart break.