Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Weird Cassettes and Memory Tapes

With the light hand of a Balearic summer disco vibe mixed up with a vocal that hints at Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, Memory Tapes, the fusion of Dayve Hawks two alter egos, Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette envelopes you in that classic old skool build up that has always been the real staple of dance music.

The song holds the pauses to look up and smile at your friends around you dancing in the sunrise before layers of instruments start drifting in and building the tempo until you’re all jumping up and down hands held high wondering where you found that burst of energy from, whilst knowing that it is going to be an amazing day.

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  1. Many a point:

    1. I LOVE your first review...10 million points...everyone should read it-

    2. why can't i get updates of when you've posted something on here in my inbox because lets face it, i don't twitter and i can barely use my mobile, so there's no hope with keeping up with your frenetic music-ability!

    3. I like this albums art work, who's the artist?

    4. Have you told everyone about your brilliant little beat of the week...i'm sure there are more than 6 friends in your world! Get on the case kiddo!

    5. Is it inappropriate to bullet point in a blogspot comment box?

    6. It's your birthday soon...i'm excited!

    7. The review is a great start, hope there's more to follow!


    I like the artwork!